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Greetings from beyond the writing table. I’m Julian and I travel to extraordinary places through writing. I grew up in Charleston, SC and began writing when I was ten years old. My fifth grade teacher handed me a notebook and said, “Write whatever you want.” It was then I discovered the power of words and the places I could go. Throughout my childhood I kept a journal of thoughts, songs, poems, and stories. My obsession became collecting colorful and unique notebooks and filling them with life.


In high school and college I used my journals to compose music and I focused on a music career, but it wasn’t until after my internship with Disney World that I discovered a new found love for writing. As a means to stay in touch with the friends I made during my internship, I began writing emails updating them on my life events. I embellished the stories to make them more entertaining, writing about my experiences to the extreme. The response was huge so I started a weekly blog. During this time I wrote a comedic adaptation of Disney’s The Little Mermaid that presented Ursula’s defense against a manipulative and spoiled Ariel. My college newspaper also published one of my comedy pieces about the unique landscape of our college campus.


After years of writing comedy pieces I challenged myself to write a dramatic coming-of-age story revolving around the relationship between three generations of men, but that story took a slight turn when I began reading young adult novels such as the Harry Potter and Miss Peregrine series. My childhood fascination with the possibility of magic existing alongside of reality took flight and my serious drama took shape in the form of The Writer’s Table.

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